ADAS Calibration

What is ADAS Calibration?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are new and intelligent systems designed to help assist motorists on the road. Whether it’s to help change lanes, park, adaptive cruise control or autonomous emergency braking, ADAS has been designed to ensure road safety and ease of use whilst driving.

Advancements in technology mean vehicles are always getting smarter which come with a wealth of benefits. More and more vehicles are being fitted with ADAS which in time will help lower accidents on the road, improve your driving experience and lower insurance fee’s.

IMI Accredited

Here at the Tyre Bay, we are now a fully IMI accredited ADAS calibration centre. We use the very latest technology to perform the calibration on all makes and models of vehicles, both dynamic and static calibration.

We are also able to recode new radar and cameras to any vehicle before the calibration takes place. ADAS calibration has to be carried out by an IMI accredited technician which is now, what all insurance companies require along with proof of the technician’s details and a valid report showing the full competition and calibration has been done to the highest of standards.

Book Your ADAS Calibration

We use the latest technology and have attended the most stringent of courses to ensure we’re able to offer ADAS calibration to the highest of standards. This is a very new service and one which will only become more popular as more vehicles are fitted with ADAS.

We offer a very competitive price depending on your vehicle and aim to have the whole process complete within 45-60 minutes. For more information or to book your ADAS recalibration, please feel free to give our team a call to receive a quote and availability on 01623 770 210.