Puncture Repair

Tyre Puncture Repair Service

A flat tyre can arise at the worst times and most of those times, it’s not the driver’s fault! They can be caused by poorly maintained roads, objects on the roads like nails or glass, they can even be caused by wear and tear over time.

Not all flat tyres need replacing and the majority of the time, unless the damage was caused purposefully, they can be repaired. We offer a competitively priced service where we can repair a puncture or tyre damage in accordance with British Standards (BSAU 159). Damages we can’t repair are;

  • Thread or rubber separation
  • Deterioration of the tyre caused by corrosive fluids
  • Visibly deformed bead wire
  • Markings and damage of the interior rubber due to overheating

During the puncture repair service, all tyres are fully removed from the wheel to ensure we find any and all issue’s leading to a flat tyre whilst also preserving your wheel from any damages.

If you have a flat tyre and would like to inquire about our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or phone on 01623 770 210.