Car Remapping

What is car remapping?

The engine control unit (ECU) is a computer which controls several aspects of the engine, almost like how a brain tells us to work. Commonly known as ECU Remapping, we can influence and fine-tune how your vehicle performs.

Because cars are sold and shipped all around the world, each manufacturer has a “default” program to ensure it complies with all legalities where the vehicle is sold. Remapping allows us to get the best out of your vehicle whether that be performance, handling, fuel consumption or speed.

What are the benefits?

The benefits entirely depend on what it is you’re looking for. ECU remapping can benefit corporate, personal and racing vehicle.

Improve fuel efficiency – Not all vehicles need to go fast. We can remap your car or van to ensure you get more miles out of your tank. This can be a great benefit for lowering company expenses long-term or helping reduce expenditure for a fleet of vehicles.

Improve power – A common reason people approach us is to help increase power and torque for their car. It can help remove limitations set by the car’s manufacturing and help increase acceleration and top speeds.

Improve throttle response – ECU remaps can improve the engines responsiveness and throttle response massively. This is great if you’re concerned about the efficacy of your car’s performance.

Improve performance and comfort – If you’re on the road more often than not then drivability and comfort is a necessity. We can help improve the way your car feels on the road making those long journies less strenuous.

We not only offer competitive pricing with our engine remapping but also offer a quality service, experienced service. If you would like to discuss ECU remapping with one of our professionals, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01623 770 210