TPMS Service

What is a tyre pressure monitoring system?

Most modern vehicles have tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) which are constantly monitoring the pressure inside all four tyres. This is to ensure your tyres are always running on optimal pressure, protecting you and your vehicle whilst on the road.

Driving with the optimal tyre pressure improves your vehicles manoeuvrability, decreases breaking time/distance and is less likely to cause accidents by the tyres bursting on the road. All TPMS systems require regular maintenance to perform at the optimal standards, keeping it’s passengers safe.

Essential maintenance and repair

If your TPMS sensor alerts you to a tyre pressure problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to tackle any issue crops up.

After diagnosing the issue we can get round to fixing it. It could be something as simple as replacing a faulty valve/sensor or just inflating your tyres to its optimal pressure.

If you would like to know more about our TPMS Sensor services, please feel free to get in touch via email or drop us a line on 01623 770 210.